Hey guys, I'm J!

I'm a 22-year-old teacher from the Central Coast. I've been designing sites since I was 13, some of which can still be found if you google Invertijess (an alias from my sad ssaaddd past!). I did some fansites for Melbourne bands, including Invertigo, Emmanuel Carella, Mandy Kane and Sydney-based band SK::4. None of which remain.

This is my latest installment, since I'm sick of Facebook not being as unique for each person's publication. So here, on The Letter J, I get to write about what I want, give my own opinion and blast whomever I wish to without getting reported!!!

I'm also a hopeful singer and writer, and hopefully I'll be able to start putting some of my songs and segments of my books online for your critiques!

Anyways, keep coming back as more will be revealed.


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